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Christmas Gift Guide for Cyclists

I think it’s fair to say that Christmas will be a bit more modest for most of us this year. For the last few years in my family, we have worked on a Secret Santa basis, setting a budget of €50 for presents, so I think we’ve all gotten quite creative and thoughtful with making that €50 stretch.

That being said, I know budgets for some people are a bit bigger, so I’ve tried to put together this gift guide with a pretty wide price range. Hope you enjoy it and it makes your Christmas shopping for the cyclist in your life a bit easier!

€50 and under

Bike Cleaning Products: €40

You know what they say – a clean bike is a fast bike! The bundle I’ve linked below contains everything you could possibly need to keep your bike sparkling AND it’s heavily reduced too! 5 products that will make the arduous job of cleaning your bike a bit easier.  

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Bar Tape: €49

For the cyclist who has every other bike gadget, this one is a really simple gift. A fresh set of bar tape can change the look of your bike! I used to always ride with a cheap bar tape from Ali Express, and only in the last 18months have I switched over to a good quality bar tape. The difference it makes to bike comfort is huge! This one is a bit pricey, but it looks beautiful! 

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Bottle Cages: €32

Okay, hear me out, because I know people will be thinking I’m crazy at spending that much on a bottle cage! The first nice thing I had on one of my old bike was fancy bottle cages. Everything else was falling apart, but at least I had nice bottle cages! It can seriously brighten up an otherwise plain frame. Plus the oil slick effect on this with the bar tape I’ve linked above is*chef’s kiss*.

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Laser Bike Lights: €49

Coming into winter, commutes to and from work are getting darker. As soon as I saw this light, I had to include it in the list. As well as the normal light at the back of the bike, it has a laser on either side of the bike to create a sort of laser lane at the back of the bike. That would definitely make me feel a lot safer on the bike! Plus, it’s reduced to bring it just under€50!

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Training Journal: €24

Honestly, this training journal that I had back in 2017 was amazing. I loved this. It is more geared towards runners but you can make it work for a cyclist. It’s so good to be able to keep track of workouts and PBs and results!

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€50 to€100

Strong Supplies Recovery Pack: €80

If your cyclist is always training and never recovering enough, it’s time to step things up. This is a good present for someone who is still learning their way in the sport, and a recovery routine after workouts is a really easy addition that can pay off with big improvements. Plus, this offer is really discounted!

Get two boxes of recovery shakes and a steel shaker at this link.

Bike Lights: €90

These are the bike lights I have. The Kryptonite lights are BRIGHT.There’s no way cars won’t see you! This front and rear light is a bit expensive but worth it to feel safe on the bike. It’s been reduced down from €120 so even better reason to snap it up.

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Velodrome Tester Session: About €60

This is more of an experience than a gift but it’s so much fun. I got this for my dad a couple of years ago! It depends on the region you’re in but the cost isn’t that high. It’s a really fun gift for a cyclist because I think we see professional cyclists on the velodrome and they make it look so easy.It’s fun to actually see what it feels like!

Bone Conduction Earphones: €88

I haven’t tried out these Aftershokz headphones, but I know Kiera McVitty has done a good review on them (click here to watch). I’ve just linked a cheaper version here. They work on a bone conduction basis which means that you can hear more of your surroundings when cycling – making them a lot safer than normal headphones.  

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€100 to €200

Whoop Band: €150

Coming in at the more pricey end of the scale, the Whoop band will cost you €150 for a 6 month sign-up. Its like the gift that keeps giving! If your cyclist is serious about his training and recovery, he’ll want this band in his life. The Whoop is a band that you wear24/7, which tracks your recovery rate each day. You can access all the data through an app on your smartphone. If you’re still not sure, I’ve also written a review about the Whoop band here (link to other article). 

The link here will get you €25 off!

Indoor Training Kit: Bibs: €175 / Jersey: €140

If you’re going to go for either of these pieces, I suggest splurging on the bib shorts. They are a brilliant piece of kit for those sweaty indoor interval sessions. I am part of the Wahoo x LeCol e-sports team so I got these to wear as our racing kit, and was so happy with the difference they made! Overheating when training indoors can massively affect performance, so these can help you keep pushing those extra watts.

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Training Program: €165

If the cyclist in your life has signed up for an event in 2021, this 12-week personalised training program withPanache Coaching is a great way to show your support! I will arrange a call with them to have a chat about their plans and goals, and the best way to go about achieving them! Then, I will write a 12-week personalised program for them, with regular catch-ups throughout. If you’re interested, just mail me at

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No budget – Boujee Christmas

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM: €350

This present is ideal for someone who loves to go off the beaten track on their bike rides – figuratively and literally! Before I got my ROAM, I literally used to ride the same route everyday in training. Up and down the canal path, again and again and again. It was beautiful but it was BORING. I can load maps and new routes onto this gadget so easy. It has literally revolutionised my training – how dramatic do I sound?!

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Wahoo Headwind: €230

We’ve all been trapped inside on our turbos at some stage this year. Whether that’s because of lockdown or weather, we all know how mind-numbing it can be. It can also be quite uncomfortable –especially with the absence of a fan. This one is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s also pretty unique in the fact that it can be controlled from your phone,OR you can even program it to increase in intensity as your heart rate rises.No more jumping off the turbo halfway through your workout to whack the fan up higher!

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