My Story

Learn about my partners; the companies and products that support me and allow me to do the work I do.


I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing without the support of the following companies. I am so grateful for their help as I try to achieve my goals! In the interest of being as transparent as possible, I have separated these brands into three different sections – brands with whom I have a paid agreement, brands who have given me an affiliate code, and brands which have gifted me with equipment to help me over the last years.



I have been working sporadically with Skoda since July 2019, but I have come on board as an official ambassador since 2023. As well as writing blogs for the We Love Cycling site, I have also made an advert for road safety with Skoda and the Road Safety Authority.

Angel Revive

Recently, I have started looking into the small things that I can do to gain that extra 1or 2% to improve my performance. I looked into what some of the big teams are doing, like Jumbo Visma, and found some interesting evidence to support drinking alkaline water. I didn’t have to think twice when Angel Revive contacted me to collaborate on their alkaline water.

Affiliate Partners


I switched over from Garmin to Wahoo in 2019 and I have never looked back. I use their full indoor training set-up to get me through the long winter months too! I am part of the Wahoo Esports Team as well.

Strong Supplies

Since January 2020, I have been following a supplements program from Strong Supplies, as well as using their recovery shakes for post-workout and isotonic powder for racing!


I bought my Whoop back in March of 2020, and it has been an invaluable tool in improving my recovery and inspiring me to make better and healthier choices.



I have been riding a Canyon Ultimate since the beginning of 2021. They're the best bikes. I also have a Canyon Grail and occasionally race on a Canyon Aeroad.

FFWD Wheels

Throughout the 2020 season, I raced and trained on the FFWD F4R wheelset. A really light wheelset, I have found them to be stable when battling the Belgian crosswinds, and also really speedy when I’m speeding around a Belgian kermesse!


The Schwalbe Pro One are my tyre of choice. I use a tubeless set-up – and haven’t had a puncture so far (touch wood!).