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A Little Update...

Hiiii everyone! This feels a bit awkward. Like, it's been so long since I updated here that I actually don't know where to start...

I guess SO much has happened since my 2021 updates. I am training in Girona currently, I won the National Championships, I signed a professional contract, I nearly died after I was hit by a car, I got back to racing - there's a brief recap! But behind the scenes, there has been so much going on that I haven't been very good at updating you all about. I want to try and change that with a weekly blog. I don't know if people like sitting down to read blogs anymore, but I'll try it! So... What's changed?

I moved to Girona: Back in 2021, when I last updated you guys here, I was living in Belgium. I'll be honest, I was miserable in Belgium. I hated living there. I missed my family so much, I missed Ireland, and I missed the ease of life that I have had in other countries I've lived in - things like popping out for a walk to get a takeaway coffee, or heading around to a friend or family member's house for a catch-up on a whim. I moved to Belgium in 2018 and I tried to make it work. I learnt Dutch, I got jobs in the bakery and the post office, and I really involved myself in the racing scene there. In August 2021, my ex-boyfriend and I split up, and I went home to Ireland. This was a weird time- I was 28, back living with my parents, and I had left my lovely little puppy behind me. But I actually had the best time! So many seaside walks and swims, great training, family time. Girona was on my bucket list, and I just thought, if not now, then when? I booked my flights for the 1st of January, 2022! New year, new country, new me!

I won the National Championships: In 2021, I realised my absolute dream goal of becoming the Irish National Champion!!!!!! This was one of the best days of my life. I had moments in 2021 where I considered stopping cycling, but towards the end of the year, my self-belief and confidence was sky-high baby! Off the back of this achievement, I went on to achieve my next bullet point...

I signed my first professional contract: Yesssss!!!! Many people would have thought I was crazy when I said, after starting cycling aged 25, that I wanted to turn pro. Like, my time was up! And then - Plantur Pura came on the scene, and offered me a contract, which I was buzzing about anyway. And when I found out it was a PAID contract, I cried!

I nearly died: It seems bizarre to sum this up in a little bullet point like this, but in January 2022, I was hit by a car on a training ride and suffered some serious injuries. It was honestly such a horrific time in my life that I don't want to dwell on it. Maybe in a later blog post :)

I got back to racing: I was eventually able to pin a number on in September 2022 after a super-long rehab. It was the best feeling to be back doing what I loved, and what I worked so hard for. I got another year with Plantur Pura (now renamed Fenix Deceuninck) and got stuck in.

There's obviously been more going on behind the scenes, but nothing that feels as major as those bullet points above. I just wanted to give a general catch-up before I start blogging a bit more regularly. Looking forward to sharing more with you all!

Lots of love,

Imogen x